Artwork Guidelines

Create your own design or we can design it for you!

Design your own!

Check out our artwork guidelines for button badges and magnets below should you wish to create your own design, then simply send it to us at Patrick Australia preferably in .PDF, .JPEG or .PNG files. Got a question, call us on 03 9329 9200.


It would be great if you include the font you used together with your artwork as to avoid any delays in production.

Size and Design

Please take note of the letterings on your design – the product will depend on your design if it will be filled with enamel or if it will be screen printed on.

If you have any questions regarding your ‘create your own design’ template, please contact us for information.


We design it for you!

We will gladly design it for you! We brainstorm what you want, or you just give us your ideas and brief and we’ll create it for you! Minimal artwork fees apply.



Artwork Guidelines


Round Sizing:
25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 88mm

Rectangular Sizing:
70 x 45mm Landscape or Portrait

75 x 50mm Landscape or Portrait

Square Sizing:
39 x 39mm square corners

Oval Sizing:
70mm x 45mm

Heart Shaped Sizing:
50mm x 50mm

All the above can have Pin fitting, Mirror fitting and Magnet for display.

Patrick Australia

03 9329 9200