Rectangle Button Badges | Custom Made in Australia

Custom Rectangle Badges. Just like our round button badges, rectangle badges are a great promotional tool that won't break your budget!

Custom design your own 70mm x 45mm or 75mm x 50mm rectangular button badges and get them into the hands of your fans! A slightly different, not so common shaped badge might be just what you need to stand out in the crowd. 

Button badges are an old school tradition that have gone full circle. Yep, they're back in vogue. So pop your message on a rectangular button badge and shout it to the world. Rectangle button badges are popular accessories often used for self-expression, promotion, or identification. Their elongated shape provides a unique canvas for displaying images, logos, slogans, or artwork, making them eye-catching and versatile tools for conveying messages or adding a touch of individuality to clothing, bags, and more.

Your profile raising message is our family tradition. We've been making badges for over 80-years!  


Rectangle Badges | 70mm x 45mm | Custom Made Australia   75mm x 50mm Rectangle Badges | Made in Australia