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Birthday Badge Birthday Badges

Having grown up in a family of badge makers it's not unusual for us to have a celebration badge for any event!

Recently my Mum turned 70 and John, her brother (my uncle) and the current owner of Patrick Australia, turned up with some gorgeous badges with black and white images of Mum on them. We all sat around the table wearing a badge with Mums face as a child on it. It's still a nice surprise every time John rocks up with badges!

When I was in Grade 4 I had a relief teacher. At the time I had super short hair and the teacher, not knowing me at all, referred to me as a boy! I was mortified. When Pa and John came over that Thursday night for dinner they had a bunch of badges, in all different colours that said 'I am a Girl!' I didn't take these to school - but everyone thought it was hilarious (except me)!

At my 18th, a pub in Melbourne city, Pa and John rocked up with a LOT of badges of me as a bub and everyone in the pub was wearing a badge by the end of the night. I got to know everyone!

Badges really can make an occasion great! They're personal, they're cost effective and they're fun!

You can have custom made badges for anything really, but we think custom made badges for special birthday celebrations is pretty cool!

Whether you're turning 18 or 80 it's a loved surprise to have everyone wearing a badge with the birthday girl or boys face on it! Or just a beautifully designed number!

If you would like to find out about getting a birthday badge for your loved one, please get in touch with us. There's no minimum orders and you can supply art, or we can create it for you!

Happy Birthday!!

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