Metal Pins


Custom metal pins are a versatile branding and communication tool. They are used to promote brands at tradeshows, recognise employees, express school spirit, convey affiliation with a club or an organisation, or as a token of appreciation for contributing to charity efforts and attending special events.

We craft custom metal pins to meet your exact specifications. We offer 3D options, coloured pins, all-metal designs, textured designs, and various plating options. You can choose to upgrade the material to precious metals like sterling silver or 14k gold.

With metal pins, the customisation options doesn’t end with the design of the pins themselves. We offer various packaging options and attachments to fit your design needs. For the attachments, you can have cuff links, military clutch, safety pin, or magnets. The pins can be presented in a clear acrylic case or a velvet pouch or case, depending on the look you want to achieve. We also print message cards to complete your metal pin presentation.

Our Metal Pins and badges can also be stamped, cast or photo etched to suit your requirements. Available in any shape, you can choose from gold, silver, bronze and antique plated finishes. View our plating and fitting page for examples.

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