Your expo checklist

February 12, 2019

Got an expo coming up?

There’s so much preparation that goes into an expo, all the pre-planning that happens months in advance. Here’s our checklist of some of the smaller points you will want to think about!


Expo Checklist:

  • Your general set up – walls, flooring, banners, tables, chairs, etc. What do you want your stand to look like, to feel like, what experience do you want your potential customers to have when they visit you? What will draw them in?
  • Your offer. What’s your call to action for the expo? Are you selling something? Collecting emails? Running a competition? You have to set your objectives before hand, well before you even book your space, as expos come at a relatively high price tag and you want to make sure your team are aware of what’s required to make the expo super successful.
  • Set up – the boring stuff. Unless you are lucky enough to have a specialised company come in and set up for you, it will be just you and maybe one or two others setting up the stand the day before. Don’t forget the necessities – double sided tape or Velcro, blu tack & scissors! The number of times we have been to set up with everything and then realised we forgot the scissors – nightmare!
  • Name badges. If it’s just you, or a team of many, you want your staff to be approachable. This obviously comes with a well trained team who understand what’s required on the expo floor (it’s very different from the sales meeting back in the office). You should always consider having name badges for your staff so they are more approachable, it looks more professional than the lanyards and can be used back in the office, shop or showroom too.
  • Giveaways! Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie! Depending on the type of expo you are exhibiting at some will want freebies. You want to be smart with what you choose to giveaway and obviously have it branded. This is where we can come in handy offering a range of badges and keyrings in a multitude of sizes at a great price. The perfect branded giveaway.
  • At the expo – Be approachable. Don’t sit down all day and wait for people to come to you. If you have giveaways, hold them in your hand and approach people. It’s always helpful if you have some scripts in your head and play with them to see what works. If you are collecting emails, ask people for their email to enter a competition, or via whatever means you are encouraging them to give it to you.
  • Get onto it quickly! Once the expo is over email your new list quickly. Offer them a follow up offer, service or advice. Don’t wait weeks!!!

Interested in getting a quote for custom badges or keyrings? Contact us or give us a call on 03 9329 9200.