Button Badge Collectors: Unearthing a hidden treasure at Patrick Australia

July 2, 2018

Button Badge Collectors, especially ABBA fans, were stunned to hear of this unique find.

Unopened ABBA Button Box’s from the groups 1977 Australian tour found!

Patrick Australia pioneered the badge making industry in Australia. For over 80-years Patrick Australia have made badges that are now highly sought after collectors items.

The Patrick family business has spent the past 40-years operating out of a factory in North Melbourne, and recently underwent a massive clean out to move to newer premises! With over 80-years of making badges for rock icons, football, politics, royal tours and much more, there’s no surprise some valuable collectors items were found amongst the old presses and files!

Rarely seen since the 1977 Australian tour and featured in ABBA The Movie this button badge box, made right here in North Melbourne was found!Button Badge Collectors | ABBA badges found

John Patrick, Patrick’s fourth generation badge maker recalls making these badges 40-years ago, when he first started in the family business and has kept a collection of ABBA badges for himself.

Other incredible finds included:

  • Original AFL art prints and ink templates from the 60s and 70s
  • Art proofs and original print copies for KISS, The Beatles, Australian Royal Tours, Star Wars and more!
  • ALI 1998 art proofs and badges




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